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Hey guys.

I know @sama55 has a great plugin to show some custom user fields on questions but is it possible to show the custom field for only the owner of the best answer of question? That would be really useful. Thank you!

Can you show your hopes by image?
Well actually I'm trying to develop an adsense revenue sharing feature. The idea is simple. The best answer's owner will get the ad spot. Something like this: http://i.imgur.com/YV1gv5X.jpg
I got it. It seems that you want to give the benefit to display ads to users who have been chosen as best answer. It's interesting features. I think that you can realize it with output ads code in the theme layer. It is not so difficult.

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Tips for making program

Mount point of theme layer:

qa-include/qa-theme-base.php (around L2059) :: a_item_main()

Selected status:

if ($a_item['selected']) {
   // anything ...

User handle:


Get extra information of users:

qa-include/qa-db-selects.php (around L1191) :: qa_db_user_profile_selectspec()

Since I have many customization work of Q2A sites, I can not exact code. I hope that you challenge programming along the top of the information. I pray the good fight.

Thank you @sama55 now I have no time to try this but I will do it as soon as possible and notice you if it works properly or not. Thanks again.