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The core doesn't provides a few checks on tags, but focus on the amount of tags. It doesn't focus on tag length. This brings the issue of users creating long tags (either by mistake or on purpose) that are hard to delete.

This plugin just checks the amount of characters in question tags does not exceed a given limit.

If a question exceeds the limit, an error id displayed:

These are the plugin features:

  • Does not allow posting or editing questions that have a character count that exceeds a given amount
  • Internationalization support. Spanish translation included
  • No need of core hacks or plugin overrides
  • Simple installation

You can give it a try downloading it from the GitHub project page.

Q2A version: 1.6+
Hi @pupi1985
Its nice plugin. I search this plugin :) http://www.question2answer.org/qa/24645/

p.s. I have one question. Please create Open Graph protocol plugin for q2a.

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In addition, I think this logic should be included in V1.8 (V1.7?).

Maybe it should... and it is actually simpler to do it in the core rather than as a plugin :)
I totally agree with you sama55...
This kind of stuff should not be a plugin, because the plugin page is getting too crowded...
Thank you for bringing this up.... :)