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Could url of the Q2A site that is used in a question or an answer be automatically replaced by the page's title?

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from admin -> General -> Url Structure , choose the neat URL . Using that the Page title will be displayed in the URL .


For that you need to set up a .htaccess file .. Instructions are here - http://www.question2answer.org/htaccess.php


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for making the question title as link , create a plugin with layer module with the below function 

function title()
    if (isset($this->content['q_view'])){
        $qlink = qa_q_path($this->content['q_view']['raw']['postid'], $this->content['q_view']['raw']['title']);
        $this->output('<a class="q-entry-title" href="' . $qlink . '">');
It will be nice/neat url but still url not the the tile of the page for example clickable "Page title instead of url?", won't it.
Ohh .. You mean to make the "Page title instead of url?" Clickable ??
sorry, I don't have Q2A installed yet so I am not able to try... but yes I mean  "Page title instead of url?". That's how it works at Stackoverflow. I find the page title nicer to read than url.
For that I updated my answer , Please check
It's a good idea and it would be nice to have a plugin like this.
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If I'm understanding the question correctly you want an URL of question to be turned into the title of a question when pasting it in an editor. There is no plugin to do so implemented (yet). This had already been requested here:


Anyway, you can use a filter plugin to replace the URL while saving the post. You'll have to check the max character length of the field, which is 8000 while replacing. You can't exceed that number.