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The question title: "Der optimierte Wert meines Optimierungsalgortihmus macht keinen Sinn"

gets converted to: http://www.gute-mathe-fragen.de/1463/optimierte-meines-optimierungsalgortihmus-macht-keinen

I know that I can set the length of the URL in >admin>viewing.

But why is the "Der" and "Wert" removed:

TITLE: "Der optimierte Wert meines Optimierungsalgortihmus macht keinen Sinn"
URL:    /optimierte-meines-optimierungsalgortihmus-macht-keinen

The word "Sinn" gets removed because of url length = 50.


Q2A version: 1.5.1
I changed "Question title length in URLs:" to 60, now I get the correct URL:

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Q2A will remove common words from the URL 'slug'. This means that the most unique (hopefully most important) words will stay in the URL.

"Common words" are decided by what's in your qa_words table, i.e. whichever of the words appears most on the site will be removed from the URL first.


P.S. I love your super-long conjoined words in German :D

thanks for the enlightenment :) most common words-algorithm, alright.

for the language, yep, we cut out the "of" and change the order, for instance: algorithm of optimization = optimization-algorithm :) ... same for words combined with several "of"s!

check out: Erdbebenfr├╝hwarnsystem, Personalkostenmanagement, Kundenauftragsabwicklungsprozess :D