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I'm actually modifiying `q2a-opn-login` plugin for some custom functionality. Like: I'm preventing some user to be logged in. And I putted condition inside qa-open-overrides.php file.

Now I want to redirect these restricted user to home page along with a message. Please help.



Q2A version: 1.6.3

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 // For redirect

qa_redirect('' , array('state' => ($login_error ? 'login-error' : 'login-succ')));
// then after rediret to show the error message  .. For doing this create a layer file in the plugin folder and add the below lines in doctype() . 
$state = qa_get_state();
if ($state == 'login-error')
$pageerror = "Login Unsuccessful . Please check your email address .. Blah blah ";
$qa_content['error'] = @$pageerror;