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i want to make home page and put q2n in a subfolder.


but on the homepage i want the q2a header for the login account to show up on the home page


like hello Joel welcome to q2a homepage

any help on how to querral the database?
Q2A version: 1.6.7

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You can create a simple HTML / PHP page index.php which will act as home page . And a link to inside the qa folder where qa site is installed . 


And I am not sure what is --- querral the database?

yes, i can create a simple HTML index.php. Page.

But the problem is i want the login and register of q2a to appear at the top of the index.php page. The header of home page.

 And if user is already login but visit the homepage then the username should be at the top as already login.


Hello Guest, welcome to q2a login or register.

For xxxx click here
For xxxx cick here
For xxxx click here

Hello joel welcome to q2a.

For xxxxx click here
For xxxxx clikc here
For xxxxx click here

I do hope you understand it now? I want to install more than one q2a.