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I need a kind of private message in answer/comment for discuss with other moderators without interact with basic user.

I have search a lot but nothing like this.... There is a plugin or something else to implement this function?

I have think to:

  1. make another table in wich save private comment, but then i need a plugin to query and print inside normal answer...
  2. create a plugin to show a_hidden/c_hidden to mod/admin
  3. create a new type for posts table, but then i need to modify core files

Any ideas?



Q2A version: 1.6.4
I would also like to use a feature for users to mark comments and answers as private because I use Q2A as a support site and I like users to post private sensible data just for me.

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The easiest way would be that of creating an admin only category  where only the admins can access and discuss, maybe linking an "external question" as a reference.

See for instance : http://www.question2answer.org/qa/29188/admin-only-categories

I'm not aware of a ready made plugin that does exactly what you want.
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Thks maxjtechno but is not what I need.

In my mind I want a comment that I can post under question "like an alert" for other moderator without the users can see.

I think i have to modify core files, if someone have any idea on the best road to make this...