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Please help. 
Want to create your template, but it is not clear how it is created. 
If we take as an example, the template by default, it is empty. Probably taken from the system files. 
It turns out that if a template output of the system unit is not overridden, it is taken from the system files? 
To understand me, please give me an example: 
1. How do not display the footer 
2. How to display a block in the right place for me, and not a specific system 
3. How to create the structure, and not as in the template by default 
Of course I can look it all here in the issues, but to me it is difficult because I do not speak in English. 
Thank you all for your help.

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Do you mean "Theme" ?

In this case you could start having a look at the official tutorial about Creating themes for Question2Answer

I read this thread. Do not quite understand.
It can be a small example of this show?
I'm not aware of the existence of tutorials with examples.
You should search on github and find a theme from which to "copy" some snippets, or also have a look here : http://www.question2answer.org/addons.php#themes
There's also this "old" tutorial :
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You need to download an free Q2A theme. Then look the file qa-theme.php. Because all the theme properties coming from this page.

Especially header part of html coming from function header()

and footer part of html coming from function footer() and so on.


It will gives you an idea to create your own theme.

Please try