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I checked on the "Use captcha for anonymous posts:".  However unregistered users are able to post questions.  How do I force capcha on them?

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1) First you have to get the reCAPTCHA public and private keys :

go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha and signup with your @gmail google account

---> "Add new site" inserting your domain name ---> create

Now you have a public key and a private key associated to your domain.

Note them down somewhere.

2) On your q2a website Admin panel, select

Admin ---> spam ---> "Use captcha for anonymous posts"

3) click on

Admin ---> spam ---> "Use captcha module" ---> reCAPTCHA ---> options

4) insert into the 2 textfields the public and the private keys you've got at step 1)

---> Save changes

Now a captcha should be enabled for anonymous posts
Thanks.  It worked!
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You need to generate an public and private keys using google recapcha.

Then goto admin -> plugins -> recapchta 9options) -> fill the keys and click save . Now it may works . Please check