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I wanna add few stuff to qa_post_html_fields funtion in qa-app-format.php and already did it but woth core hack. How an I override it without touching the core, using layer or plugin?


Maybe you don't really need to override anything. What is exactly what you're looking for? I mean, your requirement, to put it some way
Hi Pupi
In question list and question page I wanna style the category name next to the title of that question according to the logic below:
if (categoryNumber == 1 ){
     echo (categoryName in red + question title )
} else  {
    echo (categoryName in blue+ question title )

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Based on your comment, you just want to add the category title before the question title in question view and question lists. It is not necessary to override a 362-line function to do so.

Answer is a bit long so I'm exceeding the max answer length so I created this Gist: https://gist.github.com/pupi1985/ebeb18fae2d8cc9cf31f

You should modify your qa-theme.php accordingly.

Then just apply the CSS based on your category: span.qa-q-item-title-cat-44 applies to category id 44. A screenshot might help users who don't find it easy to follow code:

You were right about the interfering. Thank you!
And btw i am appending the category to the title for better SEO! Not %100 sure it helps though
Welcome. Sorry, I don't know much about SEO but being a Stack Exchange frequent user I'd advise you to ask that in http://webmasters.stackexchange.com
Getting back to you buddy, Thank you for the tips I finally decided to use this beauty:http://www.question2answer.org/qa/35946/q2a-breadcrumbs-v1-1-released-now-its-free
with the hope to improve my SEO
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1\ In qa-plugin.php

qa_register_plugin_overrides('Your plugin php file').

In "your plugin php file," just override the function you want to change.



Thank you for your input, the issue is qa_post_html_fields cannot be overriden