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I installed q2a-open-login, enabled facebook login, and disabled user registration. I loggedout as super admin. Now I can not login as super admin! The admin login page redirects to facebook login page. Eventhough super admin email and facebook email ids are same, user names are different. Hence, when I login from facebook, as the name is different, I am not super admin anymore.

I tried to change my user name in facebook to match with super admin name, but facebook is not allowing me to do that,

What should I do now? I did so as there are no warnings in open-login plugin the consequences of disabling the user registration.

A clean install again is the only option left or what?
Q2A version: 1.6

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Instead of repeating a clean installation you could just revert temporarily the "hide  regular login/register form" option disabling it directly in the qa_options  table running this statement on your db :

UPDATE qa_options SET content='0' WHERE title = 'open_login_hideform'

and committing / saving the change

Now the regular login/register form should be visible again.

(I've not tested it)  (tested, it works :-)  )

After that you could open an issue here to understand which the right behaviour should be