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hello, where are the users? i just saw i have 600 users and i dont see anything to edit them. only in the database?

is there no field where i can edit users?
ok if i see any users post, i can see the user. and i can open the profile >> yourforum.com/user/Peter   

but the question is, where can i get a overview of all the registred users?
only in database right?
What do you mean by the " overview of all the registred users" ?? Which info you actually need

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As admin open the profile of the user you want, then click on the "Edit profile" button down the page.
thats the point...i dont see any list of users....

if i go the "users" theres no edit button, or anything it looks like a list of users
As I said, not /users/ but "open the profile of the user". E.g. yourforum.com/user/Peter

There is an edit button if you are admin.