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A plugin for wordpress would be awesome, which can show latest and popular questions of q2a on wordpress webstie sidebar. Those who use q2a with wordpress, will be needing a plugin like this (including me).

Is there a plugin like this or is there someone who is willing to make a plugin like this??

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Try once my q2a pull. You can find on github.  Its not particularly for WordPress but PHP.

If you can work on basic php and WordPress than you will be able to make it.

Also documented.
Thanks for your answer @jatin, just had a look at q2a pull. It needs some understanding of code, that where exactly do I have to apply code and some other things as well. And I am a new bee in all coding and stuff. Maybe after sometime when I could use q2a pull. But right now need some other method in which there is not such a hassle.
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Just use RSS with a widget to pull the latest questions.