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I have generated site from the url. It is generating, but if i see in root directory it is not creating.

Can we change the sitemap.xml file to other file name because i already have a sitemap.xml file.

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The q2a sitemap is not saved on the file system but is generated on the fly when you request it  ( http://www.yourq2asite.com/sitemap.xml ).

It's dinamically generated by the xml-sitemap-plugin, that is a q2a standard plugin.

If you want to change for some reason (that I've not understood. Do you want to use 2 sitemap.xml ?) the url at which this plugin "listens" for the request, you should change the behaviour of the plugin.

See this line :


you could change it for instance


return ($request=='sitemap.xml');


return ($request=='yournewlocation/sitemap.xml');

so that you can now invoke the plugin at the new url :