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See i bought the site moviehome.in and if i try to open it then its ok my forum opens but when i enter www.moviehome.in then it is redirecting to a new site . Why is this happening. plzz helpp

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I just confirmed that your site working fine, whether you visit it from www or without www, only you site opens. If some problem is occuring to you then please remove cache from your borwser. If problem still remains then it would probable be because your domain is not 301 redirected. It means anyone can access your website with either www.moviehome.in or even without www and still the pages load with different url. You have to redirect one of these to the other. Either redirect www domain to without www domain or vice versa. This should solve your problem.

To redirect you need to edit your htaccess file with the following code.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]

First line is already in the file, you need to add the rest two lines after the first line. This should redirect the non www url to www. And most probably this should be the solution for your problem.

I hope this helps.

Bro i editted the .htaccess file now but its still niot working. Check the screenshots below

When i enter moviehome.in i get this its my site

But when i enter www.moviehome.in then it is redirected to a different site see this
which is not my site.

And its not about browser i have tried checking with different browsers and different devices but still its the same problem. Please suggest me the correct solution for this!!!!1
for me you page work fine
Well it looks just fine to me @Sam-and-Rodriguez and I noted one more thing that both mobile mobiletown.tk and mobilehome.in are there and showing the same content. How come is that and if you are using your database on both the sites then you should close one, might this solve the issue you are saying.
But seriously, there is no issue when others are visiting it.
now i found something new. I opened www.moviehome.in from my work computer and found its opening fine. again i opened www.moviehome.in from my friends computer and its opening that different site as in my mobile and pc. but when i apply www in front from two of my office computers it opens fine!!! why is this happening??? difference systems different sites despite being same????????