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I can't seem to find any option to make the entire site read-only. If this is not in Q2A core can you point me in the right directly to hacking in the feature? Thanks!
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You can change the permissions so that only experts, editors, mods and admins can post comments, questions, and answers. Certainly not ideal and gets messy if you have a lot of users in that category. Set viewing to Anybody.

If you needed to lock that down further then you can revoke extended permissions to everyone except you.

Admin --> Permissions
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The only option currently is "Take site down for temporary maintenance" in admin/general, however, that prevents any questions being shown at all.
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I created a generic user with a password.

I then set all permissions to Admin or as high as I could go and prevent users from registering, since all my users just hit this site for reference/look up.

Now this generic user cannot comment, answer or create new questions as desired.  The only thing they can do is edit their own profile, which unfortunately includes changing the password.  I'm sure someone would be able to answer how to perform this part.

This is really a confirmation to bobbyscon suggestion which works quite well for me, so thank you bobbyscon.