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Hello All,

How i can remove ''users'' page ?

e.g. http://question2answer.org/qa/users


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I think this is something that should be handled by the core. I believe it is possible to write a plugin for this but that will require a bit more coding than a core hack. I've proposed a solution to this in Feb and here is the link with the changes:


Basically, the idea is that whenever you uncheck the checkbox in the navigation links admin section, the page returns the not-found template regardless of whether you access it from the menu or directly by the URL. Hope the changes are clear.
htaccess yes, thanks :)
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Go through the following way.

Admin panel > pages sections > users (uncheck that).

Save changes and the users pages will be gone. But you can still visti that by entering the link as

But if no one knows that then the page can't be accessed.

I hope this helps.
Thanks on answer :) I need block this page not only remove from nav bar i need this is not visibile with open domain.com/users anyone know ?