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Hello All , 

Felling proud to say , I have created another plugin that serves simple logical questions for anti spam verification . 

This will provides simple questions to users while registering into the q2a site or if a unverified users does some activity like asking a question , or answering them . 
It will help you in STOP Spamming on your website . 
  •  Pretty simple, easy and logical questions for verification
  •  all possible answers for one question 
  •  random questions are choosen out of 180,243,205 questions from the database 
  •  less repetitive questions , so it is harder to decode by the bots 

How to install - You can find the same on the github page . 

Screenshots - 


Q2A version: 1.6.3
Please tell me should I disable re-capcha before install this plugin?
@rgd , Yes you have to choose the captcha module: as Q2A Logical Captcha . Please find the detailed installation instructions .
@amiyasahu Thanks
I will test this beauty later. Than you Amiya
you are welcome @Waterfr Villa
nice plugin. I wonder whether it is still efficient in 2020. Bots are smarter these days, so text questions seem to be an easy nut for them :)

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The spam issue is getting up and up in q2a and in between your this plugin can actually help a lot. A great thumbs up to you Amiya.
I wonder what a spammer gets by just registering a user. Understanding this questions are the FIRST step to try to stop spam: What do those users do in the site? Do they vote? Do they post? Registering and not doing anything makes no sense to me.

Now, the issue with any plugin that asks for plain text questions is that they are the easiest to circumvent. I just need to refresh the registration form 100 times (programatically) and store the unique questions. Then, manually, provide the answer to each of them. Then, I just need to look for the question and get the matching answer in my mini database to be able to register. Furthermore, I don't need all the answers, I could refresh the page until I find the question I do have the answers for :)

The way to bother these people and use this kind of plugins is to change very frequently the questions. Of course, they can automate this and each time they find a new question they send it by email to their account and update their mini db with the right answer. Most likely, you will spend more time adding new questions and thinking on their answers than the time it will take them to update their database.

IMO, the important thing here until someone comes up with a great idea is to make them pay... literally. Use recaptcha or any other visual captcha so that they have to pay people to decode them. A few cents per registration multiplied by the amount of sites they are spamming might make a difference
The crazy thing is, they are actually not doing anything other than increasing useless user accounts. And if you say to let them pay for registration then that will be the end of users registration on q2a sites. No one and I literally mean no one likes to pay a single cent until they are 100% sure that they will get the solution of their problem on a particular website.
We need to find some other way to handle spam and paying for registration is not at all going to work, as rarely there will be any sites which would be charging for just a registration.
You misunderstood my point about paying. The system works this way:

Spammers code a solution that automates registrations. However, they need to circumvent the captcha. That is something that can be done programatically or by humans, depending on the captcha. Text captchas can be programatically eluded by the method I explained above. Image captchas usually require a human to decode it. Humans work for money so spammers (or whomever hires them) pay companies which hire humans to solve captchas. They sit on their PCs and start decoding image after image... They usually pay a few cents per captcha solved.

So even the ones the REQUIRE human interaction can be massively dodged. However, this kind of captchas at least make spammers pay for the registration. More info here: http://www.deathbycaptcha.com/user/order

PS: 5k captchas solved cost 7 USD? WOW! 5k captchas mean 5k new spam users :O You can spam the whole Q2A community just for 7 USD
OKh, if I am understanding you correctly this time then you actually want say that image captcha is better than normal captcha like this plugin. But I have used recaptcha (stock plugin of q2a) and I think that is image captcha only, and that was more easily dominated by spammers then this one. Hundreds of registrations were going on when I was using that one. But still you are also right, if they are spamming us then why not this spamming actually cost them.
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I installed this plugin.

It is working fine on my site.

Hope this will solve my scam registration problem.

Thank you very much amiyasahu, wish you all the success.

I refreshed register page of my site and it is displayed same anti-spam question every time,

Out of a rose, novel, dog, table, piano, or automobile, which is most likely to have teeth?

Then I closed the browser and opened register page again, but I found the same question again.

amiyasahu I feel there is something wrong please help...
Hi @rgd , I think you have not configured the plugin properly from admin panel . You should get the API key from the site and give the same in the Plugin Admin Options panel . You could check the demo site I have given , It gives a different question each time you refresh the page .  Mail me your screenshot of the Plugin options to me .

I have installed this plugin and followed the instructions as is, however, I too face the same issue as above.
It comes up with one question:

Out of a rose, novel, dog, table, piano, or automobile, which is most likely to have teeth?

after answering the question with right answer, it does not go forward or the submit process does not complete. it gets stuck there.

i tried to refresh the page, it comes up with same question and it is stuck.

Currently, the spammers are unable to register and hence free from the spam registrations.

Anyone know why this spammers are registering ?
Hi @QAQs ,
This plugin works for most of the users . Only for few users it is not working . The question you are seeing , that is the fall back question . Which comes if the plugin is unable to retrive the question from the textrecaptcha server . Might be your IP address is blocked or something like that .

I dont have anything in my hands for fixing this issue , so please contact to text-recaptcha admin and get this issue resolved .

Hope this info helps .
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The plugin has been updated with One more security layer which adds a Unique user defined has code with the answer . Which may prevent spammers those who stores the hash codes of the answers .  

With the new version , You can define a random string in the Salt field in the admin options which will be added to the answer and will be Hashed . Hope this will reduce some more spam attacks .

Please download the latest from github link provided here.

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My question is Can I use this with recaptcha?

I would like to use recaptcha and this one together?
No , Only One captcha module can be used at a time . You can not use both .
If you want to use both , you have to write a separate plugin which adds a field to the registration form (I hope this will work).

With the currect version of this plugin , you can not use with recaptcha .
another question: Does this support different languages?
No it supports only English ..
thanks --- :)