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How can I move JS files to the bottom? Is there any plugin or way to do this?
Q2A version: 1.6.2
To the bottom of... what? You mean closer to the </body> HTML tag? Also, you mean all of the JS files?
Google Pagespeed Test says that I have to move the JS files to the bottom of the page (Speed Score : 70/100)


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Ok, I have already proposed that some time ago. You can see the pull request here: https://github.com/pupi1985/question2answer/commit/45a66c6437f42afbf608980b0f92df39ce1451a4

You can move the $this->body_script(); right before the  $this->output('</body>'); in qa-theme-base.php. This would be considered as a core hack.

Or you can override the body() in your qa-theme.php moving the same line to the bottom. This would be the best approach.

I applied but it did not work (.js files still above <body> tag)

I need to move $this->head_script(); bottom of $this->output('</body>');
It all depends on where the javascript code is added and that is determined by plugins and themes. If, in your case, javascript code is only output in the head_script() that would do the trick.
I moved $this->head_script(); bottom of $this->output('</body>'); and it worked for me, Thank you