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I am going to start Q2A site, I have alrady done SSO integration with my existing website.

For the moment, I would like to start with free theme, later if I want to swith to some other theme (Free/Paid), will there be any problem while switching from one theme to another? Please guide

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Yah you can switch between any themes you want . Q2A provides that flexibility .


This feature makes q2a unique among all question-answer platforms/softwares  .
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Changing themes should be a simple thing. If you have just installed the Q2A core changing the selected theme for a paid one should be a straightforward procedure.

The thing is that it is possible for plugins to affect the theme. So if your originial theme is not affected by the processing of a plugin (I'm particularly talking about layers affecting the content array) it will work fine. Now, if your new theme requires/accesses some information that a plugin have modified then this might lead to issues. Not serious ones but you'll have to either modify the theme or the plugin.

Anyway, in general, things go the right way. If they don't, you can still ask for help to the service providers or ask a question here :)

Hope this clarifies things a little bit.

Thank you for your detail information.