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This is a call for freelancing cooperation.

We are looking for q2a developer to create a "Weekly contribution sorting " plugin.

The plugin would basically add a page ( a subnavigation in users page) to show users sorting based on their WEEKLY contribution besides the absolute sorting.

The aim of the plugin is to show users contribuations ( points ) on weekly basis to encourage participation. right now ranking is dominated by the same users witch make it little bit annoying.

This feature is already installed in Stackoverflow please see : http://stackoverflow.com/users
Actually it will not be a tweak but a big extension. For now all data gets saved as 2014-xx-01, 2014-yy-01 etc. Weekly intervals need a change of this structure, that's why it is not that easy...
As weekly ranking history is not very important, is there not a shorter path like duplicating the userpoints and initializing the user points count to zero at the end of every the week, so that the counter starts from zero and the ranking will show only this week earned points ?
This is not possible with the core. As soon as an admin hits "recalculate user points", the entire userpoints are calculated. That is why I implemented the "userscores" table.
Okey hmmm it's more complicated then i think...

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