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Point Trade Pro V1.1 ready!!

This plugin completely emulates bounty feature of Stack Overflow. Your site will become more active if you install this plugin.

Thank you for many inquiries. I was ready for the shipment of PTP. I am proud that I can ship this plugin. You can confirm real plugin action in ASKIVE.

Point trade center (Plugin Administration Panel)

Present feature

Bounty feature

Integration feature


Summary of Point Trade Pro:

Sample user's manual: Real manual is 67P


1.6.x, 1.7 (2014/12/19 Updated)

Dev. history

  • 2015/04 [V1.1.4]: Bug fix (Created time difference between tables [qa_post and qa_ptp_bounty])
  • 2015/02 [V1.1.3]: Add Japanese language
  • 2014/11 [V1.1.2]: Optimize layer process
  • 2014/10 [V1.1.1]: Bug fix (When none approved user see question page, warning display)
  • 2014/09 [V1.1]: Tuned detailed process.
  • 2014/08 [V1.0.1]: Add feature that not link CSS files. This feature is for Minify of FlexArmor2. This change has nothing to do with users who does not use Minify of FlexArmor2.
  • 2014/06: First release

In addition, I am thinking about additional feature to change from virtual point to real thing. Let's suggest interesting feature to use points together.

Best regards.

Q2A version: 1.6.x, 1.7
hi sama>>> how are you today??
tell me badge plugin is free or not?
Because I modified it for my selfish circumstances, I am not publishing it generally. However, I am distributing it to ASKIVE members gratis.
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Thank you kairo96. I invited you in our forum.
P.S.: Here is a place for discussion of Q2A system. For private message, please use PM in this site, or, use contact page of ASKIVE. I thank for your cooperation.

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Good job, but how can i get it ?
This is not a free plugin.
Purchase procedure:
1) Please register in ASKIVE.
2) Contact to me for purchasing plugin.
3) I will send details.