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I just got from spam bots about 50 questions.

I have idea how to make possible to clean it but how to prevent them?

Idea for deleting them: this CMS needs solution- some admin button witch automatically hides and deletes without opening question.
Also good would be possible to see all questions and to checkmark them and mass delete them.
Q2A version: 1/2 old but now i upgraded to latest.

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Akismet Plugin - "Uses the Akismet spam filtering service to detect spammy posts and queue them for moderation." http://qcybb.com/question2answer-akismet-plugin/


As for the mass delete I agree with you. Sometimes when I'm trying to develop some changes in the questions I create dozens of questions and to delete them is a pain of a job.

Keep in mind that Akismet is only free for personal use. Plus it needs to connect to their service.

Commercial use costs $5 - $50 USD per month, http://akismet.com/plans/
How q2a can be used in comercial sector/companies?
I have NGO and this one idea for using q2a is for debating constitution changes.
Hi, I wrote a "Basic anti-spam configuration for Question2Answer" so it may help to somebody http://www.jasom.net/basic-anti-spam-configuration-for-question2answer
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You can get our Anti-Spam-Plugin for USD 29. It reduces posts from spam bots by 99%. Infos and Demovideo at: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/stop-spam

For the mass delete: If the spam posts are from the same IP, just click on the IP (or username then IP), and choose "hide all posts from this IP". Afterwards you can delete the hidden posts in admin panel.


Still, if they aren't from same person or IP it would be a good improvement to be able to checkmark question to delete them.