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Is there a way to change the Ask a Questin to Tell a story on my q2a website?

Actually I am making a website where people can share their stories using q2a CMS so can I change the words "Question" & "Answer" to something else in whole of my q2a website?

I would be very thankful if someone can help me.
Q2A version: 1.6.3
Future proof is overriding the language file. It is very simple and not need any extra stuffs.
Sorry @jatin I couldn't get you, did you mean that the following stuff is going to be implemented in future updates?

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I believe the best (only?) way to do this is by modifying the translation files to reflect those changes.
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Advice1 (In case of a few changes OR change words in a lump):

Lang Filter : This is my old plugin. But, it will work in latest Q2A.

Advice2 (When you change phrase closely):

  1. Copy lang script from qa-include to qa-lang/custom (e.g. qa-lang-main.php)
  2. Edit qa-lang/custom/qa-lang-*****.php
    (Be careful that you must save with none BOM [Byte Order Mark] format) 

Reference: http://www.question2answer.org/translate.php#custom

There are good points and bad points both, but it is same not to change core.

I wish you the best of luck.

The plugin is good, but still there can be a better solution for this, as the problem can't be completely solved by just replacing words. As q2a is full of question and answers related words and replacing all those words with other words can end up creating problem with whole of sentences.
So how do you cope?
Well I haven't found any solution for this, but the only way I have with me is to use your plugin till there is no other solution for this.
But still thanks a lot sama55 for your great plugin.
Well I have started to use your plugin, but I have notice one problem that if I change a word with another word having first alphabet as upper case then I have to replace the some word with first alphabet as lower case as well. like shown below,

Shouldn't it be like if we change a word then it should be changed all over the website irrespective of upper or lower cases.