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since 26.04.2014  keywords position in google are about 5 position decreased, my question2answer website lost about 70% from organic  google search.

Maybee it"s new google panda algorithm, and some question answer website are affected.

Did someone here have the same Problem ??
Q2A version: 1.6.2
What is the URL to your site?
I have sent the link by pm

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no, I even got better serp ranks in Q2A sites I mannage.

sudden drop in organic search can mean this:

  • your site's link structure(root directory) is changed(so there will be lot's of 404 pages and new unindexed pages)
  • you used a plugin to improve your site's SEO(like tags description plugin or SEO links plugin) and they are deactivated now
  • google's algorithm has changed
  • your site is now infected or uses an IP address which is shared by other infected sites
  • you have new compatitors which took your position with higher quality content
  • lot's of bad quality content(duplicate, short pages, spam texts) are added to your site

there are also some other causes that can lead to sudden traffic drop.

now i lost most of my keyword from page 1  to page 6 in google. i lost about 7500 visit daily.

i have not make any change ( ip, content, backlink), it look like a algorithm change by google.

screenshot from google webmaster tools
wonderful answer by QA-Themes. I have actually nothing to add :)

Regarding "your site is now infected or uses an IP address which is shared by other infected sites" use bing.com or another server to check other sites on your shared server ("Reverse IP Lookup". For your IP there are a lot of other websites: http://www.tcpiputils.com/domain-neighbors
hi q2apro,
my website are hosted in Root server with private ip.

Check webmaster tools search

No idea, what is happen. don't trust google algorithm.
Well, I also realized (for one of my non-q2a-sites) a drop in visitors. However, I could not find any information about a "new" panda algorithm. Do you mean the changes from Feb. 2014? http://moz.com/google-algorithm-change
The change are from 4 days ago, 26 march. Domain sandbox tool say that my website is under penalty or sandbox.
I checked your site using http://pixelgroove.com/serp/sandbox_checker/
True, it gives a notice that you were penalized.

You probably need to "request a consideration of your site", see https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35843?hl=en
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I have no such problem. I think this is because your competitor may stronger than you.