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I've written this question a while ago but the server crash blew it away along with the answers, so this might feel like a déjà vu for some of you.

I'm working on a new badges plugin. I already know the scope of my first release but I would like to know what features it would make sense for you to add in future releases. It might be easier for you (and me) if you think about what features you would add to the current badges plugin.

Bear in mind:

  1. It is a badges plugin and it awards "prizes" based on actions performed on the site. So features that don't really enforce this behaviour won't be taken into account
  2. If you add more than one feature in an answer and you receive many votes I will not know which is the most upvoted feature request, so I advice you to limit the amount of feature requests to only one per answer. Sadly, this site won't order answers by votes but rather by date. Anyway, I will focus on most voted answers regardless of the page in which they are. Hopefully, there won't be so many pages.
  3. Explain your request in detail (some details you can include are: how it works, what it would look like, how the user would interact with it, what will the plugin do based on those interactions, what privileges the users should have to perform them, etc)


Mhh, maybe you wrote this in your first post, but why not use or extend the existing badges plugin of NoahY? I use it for a while and it satisfies my users. https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-badges
It is a good point. But let's put it this way in non-programming terms: when you want to build a boat, extending a car is worse than building it from scratch :)
Any update on the badges that you planned to work on?

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It will be nice thst admins have options to change the shape, colour and size of the badges.
So I wasn't the only one with this need. This was my second top motivation in writing a new plugin. I'm going a step further on this direction and will allow all HTML code to customized from a template. So if you understand HTML/CSS you can create basically any badge with any shape you want. You could even make it an HTML <button> tag if you want.
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Can we have a badge or award which the admins or moderators can give by their own will to any user. That badge or award can be with a date so that if he gets it again then it could be known that at what time he/she got that prize. We should also be able to change the name of that badge or award as according to the website it is used on. Like if some website conducts any test then the top scorer can be give a badge as top scorer with date.

And if possible then the winner with that badge or prize can be shown on sidebar till the admin wants it. This can help a lot of website owners.