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It would be good to show badges on a seperate page in user's profile, as text overflow and alignement issues are coming in normal usage.

Currently, the badges show directly below the point details of a user. And in that way, badges text get out of the badges box. Even if that is fixed using CSS, still it is an issue in mobile, as not all badges show due to exessive width.

So adding a badges page in every user's profile would be great idea, as there would be much more space to showcase all badges of a user easily. And then those badges can be aligned properly to fit in mobile devices.

What are your suggestions??
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Although buggy, the feature is actually there. You need to uncheck:

Show badges on main profile field (not badges tab)

Note each theme displays new sections differently and they don't depend on plugins. Actually, plugins should be accommodated to each theme. So you'll have to take a look at how the tab looks like and apply the frontend changes you need for your selected theme in order for it to look good.

Example for our beloved classic theme:

Thanks for your answer Gabriel. I tried what you said and it did worked and opened on a new page.
But on my theme (SnowFlat), the badges are shifted on the right side of the page, I mean the user profile page is divided in two parts from the centre so badges are showing on right side instead of taking the main area of the page. Secondly, above the badges user's wall feature is showing.

I think there is some issue either with plugin or this theme.
I know. That's exactly what I've explained in the answer. The info is there. Themes tells how to display information. Plugins need to adapt to each theme to make sure the information on them looks good. SnowFlat didn't even exist at that time. You should change the plugin CSS/HTML to adapt to the SnowFlat theme. Do not change the theme.
Thanks for your reply bro. I have tried to make with design changes. Now the badges fit well in one portion of user profile and its looking good that way.
But I still don't know how to make them responsive to fit on a mobile.

Anyway, again thanks for your help Gabriel. Your answers always help. :)
Welcome. Google for media queries tutorials to make them responsive
I definitely will... :)