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Is it possible to customize Q2A so that it looks something like http://www.facebookstories.com/ ? I wanted to have the posts listed as pictures instead of titles. Also, I wanted a custom post submission page that would also allow users to link videos and images from other websites.

I was thinking that I'd have two viewer modules, one for the post listings and one for the actual post itself. Then I would make an editor module for the custom post submission. However, I'm not sure how I'd add the additional fields for the linked videos and images to the database. Additionally, I'm not sure if viewer modules would allow me to customize the pages to that extent.

Additionally, I am currently sending every post to the wait list for itpa to be moderated. Is there any way for me to let moderators edit the posts? Also, is there any option for sorting in the moderation menu? Would a viewer for the moderation menu allow me to customize it?

Would it be easier to just create a couple of new, independent pages altogether and just borrow the database structure and user registration from Q2A?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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