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After upgrading to beta i'm noticed that my edited file are replaced and some modifications  are gone, is it possible in future to do upgrade-only version that replaced only modified files.

For example i'm modified CKEeditor, and in next Q2A update CKEeditor will not be updated why doe need to replace files ?

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It's a general problem with any project like this, which is why I'll be slowly moving more Q2A functionality out to plugins, where are separate from the core code.
But why Q2A cannot be released update-only version like php-fusion does ( http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/downloads.php?cat_id=25 )
This could be done, but it's a pretty complicated task to do it right, and it only works well for small updates that don't make global code changes.

In the meantime my suggestion is to use a multi file compare tool to compare your current code base with the release you started with.