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Looking for a way where users can reply to an email and that response/answer would be appended to the question and stored.  

Example - Q is sent out to a DL email address.  Anyone on that DL can reply to the email, and their reply would be added as a response to that question in the db.  

Is this possible?

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There is nothing like that included in Q2A. It may be possible to implement yourself in a plugin. You'd need to monitor the email inbox, then when you get an email match it with a email in the users table and add it with the correct userid. And also make sure to parse the email properly without signatures or the original message.

Oh and you'd need to add a unique ID to the outgoing emails so you know exactly which question/answer they are replying to.
Thanks Scott.  A bit over my head for sure.  I'd love to submit this as a possible plugin idea.  Is there a place for that somewhere?