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In my Q2A installation I don't want show the "add flash" button in the CKEditor.
So I followed this advice:


Now my config.js file looks like this:

CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config )
    config.linkShowAdvancedTab = false;
    config.linkShowTargetTab = false;
    config.removePlugins = 'flash';

However, the "add flash" button is still shown in the editor.
Any ideas what I am missing here?


Q2A version: 1.6.3

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I am not sure if changes made in config.js will work. At least it did not work for me. 

Go to: Admin -> Plugins -> CKEditor-Options: Under Toolbar buttons 

Default: ['Image','Flash','Table','HorizontalRule','Smiley','SpecialChar']

Remove Flash: ['Image','Flash','Table','HorizontalRule','Smiley','SpecialChar']