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i apologize if i have missed an answer that might apply to this. i am an experienced developer, but brand new to q2a.

i created a simple plugin to allow updating/fixing of tags. the code updates the qa_words table directly, and i can see that the data in the db is correct. i can also see that q2a sees the new tag values; when i look at <mysite>/tags, i see the correct tag values.

however, when i look at any relevant questions (both in listings or on a question detail page), it continues to display the old value/text of the tag. i assume it must be cached somewhere, but i can't figure out where or how to clear it. i have tried logging out and back in as admin.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  thanks!

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You should use the built in Q2A functions for updating content, specifically qa_post_set_content is probably the one you're looking for. See the functions page in the docs for details. The built0-in functions take care of updating all the relevant tables.

By the way, I also made a plugin for updating/fixing tags, it may already do what you want. In either case, you can take a look at the code here and maybe it will hepl you find the right functions to use.

thanks, scott, i'll take a look at that function, and your plugin as well. much appreciated.