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The button is not good to see. I think the code is in the file qa-page-question-view.php:

            if ($question['hideable'])
                    'tags' => 'name="q_dohide"'.$clicksuffix,
                    'label' => qa_lang_html('question/hide_button'),
                    'popup' => qa_lang_html('question/hide_q_popup'),

A larger font size I want to have or an icon before.

greetings from Germany.


Q2A version: 1.6.3
You seem to be mixing the buttons in your question and in your code. What button do you want to highlight, Answer or Hide? Also it would be better if you provided a screenshot. I don't think this requires modifying any PHP code, btw.

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Well, this can easily vary from Theme to Theme. The Theme used on this QA site is Snow and for it you can change the CSS file qa-style.css and edit the calss named: qa-form-light-button-answer 

If you are using some other theme then either tell us the name or atleast share the link of your site. Thanks