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Any plugin to do this..?

Q2A version: 1.6.2
I have never seen such a plugin.
Me too...any idea?
This is wonderful idea but I believe for now you can do just only question and answer in text format and not any selectable input fields.

But this is wonderful idea for plugin. However it needs some brainstorming before any development to fits maximum need.

Can you please update your question with some more details what you are exactly looking and what type of questions you would have?
Thank you very much for your interest for this. here I have explain my idea with two images.

My idea is this plugin should be facilitating to create up to 25* numbers temporary accounts and password for those accounts are also should be generated by system. We should be able to take print out of those user names and pass words. Then there should be spaces up to 25* to crate questions. And there should be an option to make available those user accounts and questions at the time we decide. After finish the time there should be an option to deactivate all temporary user accounts. Answers should only visible to admin. And there should be an option to publish selected answer by admin or his answer to see the students who complete the exam.
*only for explain

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