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I like to let the user to choose between some characters for inserting tags. (EG dash, space, comma, ...)

How can I do that?
Q2A version: 1.6.2

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There are only two options are available. 1. space and 2. comma.

If you want to set comma as delimiter for tag than go to

Admin > Posting and there find option

Use comma as the only tag separator and select it.

Thank you jatin.soni
I know about that config. I want tu know where (in the code) can I change the behaviour.
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If you want to change the custom behaviour for this then look for the following file:


You have to modify two functions - qa_tag_click & qa_tag_typed_parts in that file.

But how to add multiple separators like users can either enter | or , or - or space to separate tags. Is this possible?