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I've read here  that

If you wish to implement a feature, you should start a discussion on the Question2Answer Q&A first. We welcome all ideas but they may not be appropriate for the Q2A core.

Let's say that I want to "implement" or to "request"/suggest a new feature (that of course could be accepted or rejected).

Is it possible to do that ?

How can they be "catalogued" ? An "enhancement" tag ? Other ?

Have you already thought about any guidelines on a "new feature" request lifecycle



Q2A version: 1.6.2

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feature-request seems to be the most popular tag for it, so I'd suggest to use that (I'll add it to the contributing file).

The main reason that is written in the contributing file is so that developers don't spend hours adding a new feature only for me to say I don't think it should be added. If you post a thread for it here, we can discuss if it's a good idea and how the feature will work.

I will also likely continue Gideon's trend of posting a question here asking for feature reqeusts for the next version (i.e. "what do you want in Q2A 1.7").

perfect ! thanks
Because I think that important information is often lost by miss type of the tag, I think that bug and feature request should become the subcategory of the core.