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Hi guys, I would like to change mywebsite/tags to mywebsites/projects ?

I tried to use config.php but it's not working with tags. (with s)

It may be an important bug. Waiting for your answer.

=> I found the solution, I was because I create a personal page with personal url. Moreover they were a conflict with same urls.

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It's important for SEO, I am working on good Urls structure for search engines. Moreover I am sure other people who want to optimise their theme, are looking for an hint with that problem.
it needs quite some coding, you can use this override to create 'site.com/projects' pages with same content as "tags" page:

function qa_page_routing()
    $routing = qa_page_routing_base();
    $routing['projects'] = $routing['tags'];
    return $routing;
what remains is: 1)completely removing Tags page or redirecting it to new page and 2)replacing link in navigation. both are easy so I won't go on any more.
*** there might be easier ways which I'm not aware of. if so, please share.