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today I've published IdeaBox Theme for free and under MIT license.

this theme is responsive with minimal and clean design with advanced theme options and an extra use: you can use it both as a Q&A theme and an Idea & Suggestion gathering tool. you can use it to get feedback for your site(or start up) and let others vote or comment on submited ideas.


IdeaBox Free Q2A Theme

you can also buy this theme to get access to premium support.

if you need theme design or plugin development feel free to contact us.

Best Regards


Can you elaborate on what you mean by MIT license. Does that mean it is free but under some conditions? - thanks
MIT license is a liberal software license which means you are free to use or change it in any way you like. just provide attribution back(footer link in this case).
Sure, got it thank you
There is just this strange thing; it is very good that the questions appear before the sidebar stuff in mobile view ( sidebar widgets pushed all the way down as less important), but the login button and our user name ( after login) has to appear at the top of the page. Isnt it?
I decided to move Header Navigation to sidebar, so there will be enough free space in header for advertisement and banner. also if you use social login buttons for your Q2A site, it will look much better in sidebar than in header.
Thank you, it was just a suggestion cuz for me personally it is important. I checked your website and the other theme ( eastem) a combination of both would be perfect, meaning keeping the user info bar ( at the top) and the rest only after the questions. and as for advertisement there is a plugin by jatin called simple advert using which the inline ads ( between questions ) would do the job.

Any ways, thank you for your valuable contributions :)
thanks, as your suggestion I may add an option to choose User Navigation's location in next version.
Would be great! THanks

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