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How can I do this? A moderator just hid a large amount of comments of a user by clicking 'Hide all posts by this user'. And this doesn't seem to be reversible.
Q2A version: 1.6.2

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You can do this in the database. Find the userid from the qa_users table, then update the qa_posts table to change the "type" field from Q_HIDDEN to Q, A_HIDDEN to A and C_HIDDEN to C.

For example this SQL query would work for the comments and userid of 1234:

UPDATE qa_posts SET type='C' WHERE type='C_HIDDEN' AND userid=1234

Scott one question though.... if I use this code the stats of the user don't update and the user's list of answers is not complete. Is there any way around this?
In Admin>Stats if you click the button to recalculate user points and the button to recount questions and answers, it should fix this.
k thanks a bunch man!