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You can create a plugin for that. By considering favorite event for the section.
To create such a plugin, would I have to track events for comment, answer and question posting and notify the user if the particular parent post is favorited by him/her?
Or is there a better way?
You have to track each event you want to notify your user. See my answer for some logic. This is the easiest way I found. may other experts can give you some idea..

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You have to track each event you want to notify your user. Here are some logic you can try.

  • Either first check user favorite items
  • Track event in those favorite items
  • When event happen just throw email notification to the user

Or you can do other way

  • Track each event
  • Check if user has any favorite item in that event
  • When it's true throw email notification to the user

Since user favorite items store into the database there is no nee to create any other tables and you can utilize existing data.

Hope this will helpful to gest started.

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