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Hello evryone,

I think it's quite simple but I can't find any solution.

Do you know : How to remove all sidebar titles ? Or just remove Related question title only into the sidebar

Thanks for your answer.

2 Answers

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Finally found the solution  =>

.qa-related-qs h2{display: none;}

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HTML code of sidebar varies according to plugin. Therefore, it is difficult to cope at a time. However, if you have knowledge of Javascript, you may be able to cope by making plugin of javascript OR jQuery.

If it is only related question, hack below is effective.

// replace [start]
// '<div class="qa-related-qs">',
// '<h2 style="margin-top:0; padding-top:0;">',
// $titlehtml,
// '</h2>'
$themeobject->output('<div class="qa-related-qs">');
// replace [end]
P.S (This is just reference).
Purposes are different, but I made similar plugin in the past.