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I want to add category name also in question page url.

Foe example, below question url


should be like this

http://www.prepare4interview.com/1625/SSAS Interview Questions and Answers/explain-synchronization-feature-provided-analysis-services

to increase the target audience.

If it will give any negative impact please let me know as im not SEO master.. :)

Thank you!

Worth noting that the second form is really really long and difficult for users. It won't make a massive difference to SEO.

Also I assume you don't want spaces in the URL, something like this would be a little better:

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Regarding SEO :

If You want positive effect on SE results, best recommendation would be to have SSAS INTERVIEW in the <title> of the page, Urls are nice but have not the same weight like the title.

Using the short form recommended by DisgruntledGoat is for the title as well important, as google does only show the first 60 to 70 characters of the title, google as well gives more value to the characters/words at the beginning of the title.

To learn or read about SEO I recommend seobook.com,  There is a free membership, which gives You access to very interesting tips.

And here is a question which may help regarding Your initial question regarding the categories.




Thank you DisgruntledGoat and monk333 for your valid tips!
I have seen few of my competitors having url displaying categories as well.

All traffic im getting are flowing based on question and most of them are not browsing around in my site. i want to attract my target users i.e., job seekers.

As per your suggestions, i will try to add in title.

Thanks again!
If You allow me a comment, I would say there is too much publicity on Your site. I would recommend at least to have the categories and/or tags on the right side at top. Second I would turn off the image publicity mid of question page. At least it should be only text. Its an opinion only.
"there is too much publicity on Your site" | " the image publicity mid of question page"
Im not sure about this..

I will take your point to move category to side bar top..

thank you for your comment!

If you have any more suggestions about my site, please use feedback form over there.. :)

Thank you once again!