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In my site, I installed this script, but it's not working correctly..

1. When Someone answered question, we didn't see the how many answer for that question in the homepage ?

2.When I entered Tags Link, Although WebSite has a lots of tags but I'am not seeing the tags.. I am taking " No tags found " message..

( http://www.xxxx.com/qa/?qa=tags )

3. I am taking a this error, when I answer question or ask questions...

Question2Answer query failed:


Error 1044: Access denied for user 'username'@'%' to database 'namedata'


 note: ı deleted .htaccess file from my server, because ı am taking errors, and I did'nt start before deleted .htaccess file...

Please help me ?


my mail : velihanbahadir1@hotmail.com

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I think the problem is that the user account you specified in qa-config.php doesn't have the "Lock" attribute enabled. Check your database's user permissions and make sure this option is enabled.