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Hi, I am needing a new functionality, that I hope can be added through a plugin. I would like to make a moderator for a category being able to be notified by email when something new happens in the category (post, reply, comment). This is for a website with very low activity (5 posts or reply per week top maximum). But we would like to prevent any problem to happen.

I would like to be able to select this option at the same time that I make a user, the moderator for one or several categories.

So it is in the spirit of the category-email-notifications plugin, but with the admin instead of the user making the subscription. I am currently learning how to write a plugin by modifying the category-email-notifications.

I am searching for a way to add a widget in the member pannel: the panel where moderator for a category can be defined, the one that appears in the member page, after selecting a user and hitting the "modify" button.

Thanks for any hint.


Manu Y.

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"How to add a widget in the member administration panel ?"

You can do this with an advanced theme.

Overwrite e.g. function sidepanel() { ... }

function sidepanel() {

            $this->output('my stuff here');