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So I just bought a question2answer based website from someone, domain name, content, etc. I have uploaded the files and the databases to my host. The site is live and running but I am having trouble figuring out how to log into the Admin panel without the password (seller has gone AWOL). I tried setting up the old email account he was using, on my host - same name and all - but it will not send the password to that address.

Any ideas on how to get things going? I was looking around in PhpMyAdmin for the user password but it looks a bit more complicated than just changing a simple username in Wordpress or the like. It is all encrypted. Is this the right place to change the password or should I be looking elsewhere?

If it is not sending an email than you may need to fix the email things first. Check this video may helps you http://tv.q2amarket.com/tutorials/question2answer-email-settings-part-3/

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