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I see that one may  ban users for a period of time; is it possible to delete them and all their votes and  posts? Is it possible to delete them and their votes but not their posts?
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Of course you can delete the user. To delete the user you must have to block him/her first. Once user is blocked the delete button will appear.

  • Go to Main navigation >  Users > and select the user you want to see the profile
  • At the bottom you will find Block user button
  • Once you blocked the user the Delete button will appear also Hide all posts by this user button.
  • Now Hide all posts by this user (if you want to delete all questions and answers)
  • Now hit Delete to delete the user (make sure it will delete the user without any warning before action)
  • Now go to Admin > Stats and hit the Delete Hidden Posts button (this will delete all questions,answers,comments from the user)
  • Now recount and recalculate all stuffs to take affect everything in the system.


It is always good idea to take database backup before you do anything.

Thank you! Thanks a lot.
Great answer!
Desparately need a bulk user delete option (or checkbox to select and delete users) - I have setup a site and there are already 1000 spam users registered and confirmed email
Do you use recaptcha or other captcha in user register page?
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Here, I am going to share a best way to solve this problem using database.

Click here to watch this video to remove or delete spam users from q2a.