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I just wanted to ask:

 1. Is closure and reopening  limited to only  moderators, or can users with at least a certain amount of reputation points vote to close and reopen ?   

 2. Is editing possible for non-moderators ?




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Any use can do the stuffs based on the permission assigned. Default user will have only certain limits like posting question, giving answer, comment, edit own question, answer or comment.

Other or Extra previlleges you have to assign to the user. By their profile > Edit User. The default system doesn't have any point based previllages system.
So, there's no concept of suggesting edits (as there is on Stack Exchange, for any user) either?
No there is no such things, at least for now.
Ok, then. Thanks.
Hm but looking at this test site http://demo.question2answer.org/admin/permissions, it seems that some permissions, such as closing questions can be set that registered users can do it as soon as they have more than an amount X rep? Are the presettings for the closing permission equally valid for reopen? Say, when I preset that registered users with more > 3000 rep can close questions, can they then outomatically reopen too?
Yes, I may bit missleaded the question and sorry about that. There are some areas where you can set point based permission but itz not memorized.. let me see and get back to you.
You can set point based permission from Admin > Permission
Thank you. However, it does not list suggesting edits and voting to close. Does this mean that it is not possible to suggest an edit or vote to close/reopen ? .
Nah, I have seen that one can preset the rep needed for any registered users to close questions. About reopening I am still not sure... :-/. Maybe the settings for voting to close are valid for reopining at the same time too ...? I will look again into some issues this weekend and probably write one or two new posts on the blog. Being back at work last week there was not enough time for it ... :-/
@Dilaton I meant that it only lists "editing" and "closing", but not "suggesting edits" and "voting to close".