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I'd also like to know what I'm missing if I don't update the theme.

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Old Snow theme works with 1.6.2 but there are few things you should know.

1 Top bar Login form: Since 1.6+ has improved login, it will take user to the login page after submiting topbar login form instead of getting logged in

2. User profile page layout: This is not going to affect functionally but only visually

3.Editor javascript been modified a bit.

4. Some visual changes like color, buttons, sidebar widget, background etc.

So functionally the topbar login there is no such functionally issue.
I'm not sure I understood the first item. Does it mean the login won't work properly in the old layout but will work fine in the new one?
This means when someone try to logged in from login bar they will redirect to the login page instead of loggin in
Does that issue happen in both Snow versions? Or only the older?
Of course we are talking about the old version. Latest version doesn't have such issue and working fine with the Q2A 1.6+