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As You know best Your script, this question goes directly to You.


I am building an auto tagging system based on the title, the url qa_q_path_html() and or content.

I know that making it well is a complex task, but if one is not too limited with the number of tags/question,

it is not that difficult.

So I would need to know Your expert opinion how many tags / question are too much....(speed,storage, database...)

Actually I get about 7 to 12 tags (3 letters and more...)

Thank You for Your opinion

Q2A version: 1.6.2

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The database is designed to accept a total length of tags of 800 characters, including commas to separate, so it should not be any issue at all.
Thats great news, and the functions in $tagstring=qa_tags_to_tagstring(array_unique(qa_string_to_words($intags))); as well help a lot....Thank  You