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Hi folks,

I'm encountering another issue, wordpress' admin bar cannot be displayed on q2a pages after integration...

I've added footer and wp_footer() function into qa-theme.php, but seems it doesn't work properly.

Do I need to modify other place to get the admin bar displayed? Thanks~~

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It is bit difficult you may need to include wordpress core files to your theme. Or you can directly write query to your theme and style exactly the same as WP admin bar.

However by integrating with SSO wiill only share User information and nothing more by default.
Thank you very much Jatin! And could you share some example codes for me, as I'm a newbie of q2a and wordpress?
Much appreciate!!

PS, I've tracked error occurs during wp_admin_bar construction and value goes wrong when checking is_object( $wp_admin_bar )
I want to know how to do it too,
please an answer to this will be mach appreciated.